Lex Mater™ (The Law Mother) is published by me, Siobhán Fitzpatrick Kratovil,* a former BigLaw lawyer turned stay-at-home mom and solo attorney. I practice in the Dallas area and specialize in advising small businesses on their legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations, and providing basic estate planning services for families with young children. I am the founding attorney of Kratovil Law PLLC.

I am probably too old for anyone to care where I went to school, but I am a graduate of The University of Texas School of Law (“Hook ‘Em”). After law school, I worked for many years at two of the largest law firms in Dallas before leaving BigLaw life after the birth of my fourth child.

* Outside of Ireland, Siobhán is tough name to pronounce and spell. It’s pronounced “shiv + awn.”

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