My mommy works on the computer and FaceTimes people. She is really good at her job.

That’s how my first grader described what my job is in a recent school writing assignment.

While I appreciated the complement, it made me realize just how hard it is to explain to my little girl what a lawyer is, especially one like me who doesn’t go to court. Her Fisher Price Little People Community Helpers set doesn’t include an in-house lawyer who drafts, reviews, and negotiates commercial contracts.

If you are a lawyer mom like me who wants her kids to know all of the amazing things lawyer moms do, check out My Mom is a Lawyer by fellow lawyer mom Vanessa Gerard. It’s available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Lawyer moms, we’re all represented in the book. Prosecutors. Defense lawyers. Commercial litigators. Corporate lawyers. Real estate attorneys. Policy makers.

Thank you Boston University’s Unleashed PR Club for the Mother’s Day care package containing this wonderful book.

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