Trick-or-treating during a pandemic. Yea or nay?

The CDC in their 1st ever “Halloween guidelines” deemed trick-or-treating “high risk.” Social media is filled with people’s crazy contraptions for delivering candy to kids across a front lawn.

And at least one U.S. city (Springfield, MA) has banned trick-or-treating.

Wait, is that even legal? You bet it is.

Local and state officials can ban trick-or-treating using their authority to act to promote the health, safety, and welfare of residents. See, Exhibit A, bans on large gatherings since March. 

But it would be difficult, if not impossible, to enforce. See, Exhibit B, all of the large gatherings since March.

Lucky for my girls, otherwise known as Snow White, Godzilla, Unicorn, and Jedi Knight this Halloween, trick-or-treating is a “go” in our city and neighborhood. But we’ll wear our face masks, keep our distance from other groups of trick-or-treaters, and not dilly dally at anyone’s door.

Will your kids be trick-or-treating this year? Will you pass out candy?

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