When you start the process of estate planning, there are a few things you naturally tend to focus on. Who should raise your children if you die before they are grown? How should your assets be distributed among your children? How much life insurance should you purchase to help support your spouse and your children after you are gone?

The issue no-one really wants to focus on? Their funeral.

My husband and I have planned two funerals, one for his dad and one for mine. A couple of observations. Funerals are sort of like planning a wedding. Lots of difficult and expensive decisions to make that seem monumentally important at that time (but probably aren’t in the greater scheme of things). Unlike a wedding, you are making those decisions at a time when you are ill-equipped to do so.

If you think talking about your funeral is difficult now, imagine how difficult it could be for your family if you die unexpectedly without leaving any instructions?

Have I got your attention now?

So what do you need to do?

  • Preplan your funeral and prepay the expenses expense so your family won’t have to make expensive and difficult decisions while grieving. If you can’t prepay the expenses, consider getting a burial policy to cover expenses (it may even be a benefit offered by your employer).
  • Discuss with your spouse and/or your children what your wishes are regarding the disposition of your remains. Burial or cremation? If burial, where? Service in your hometown or where you raised your family?
  • If you think there is a possibility of family members disagreeing about your funeral and burial, execute a document giving someone control over the disposition of your remains.

While it’s clearly a fact a life, no-one wants to talk about death, particularly their own. Give your family peace to mourn your loss without the burden of planning, and trying to figure out how to pay for, your funeral.

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