Columba Marmion. So why is an Irish monk who died in 1923 popular in my house this week?

Is it because he was one of the most popular and influential Catholic writers of the 20th century? No, but that is pretty darn cool.

Is it because he needs only one more miracle before he officially becomes a saint? Closer.

Is it because he died in a flu epidemic and when he does become a saint he will likely be named the Patron Saint of the Flu? Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

The flu has officially struck our house and my family and I are down for the count this week.

I can’t blame the kids this time because I am Patient Zero, though I am sure I was doing something for them (grocery shopping, taking them to the movies) when I managed to pick up the flu.

And to my children who caught the flu from me? I am sure you caught it from toys you left in the living room that I graciously returned to your rooms.

I’m taking care of myself and my family this week and look forward to posting again in the next few days.

Columba Marmion…we could use your intercession this week.