What exactly did the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg do for women?

I got asked this question by my 15-year-old following Ginsburg’s passing last week.

My daughter’s seen the Notorious RBG memes. She knows Ginsburg is a feminist icon. She covets her mom’s Notorious RBG Funko Pop figure. But what exactly did she do?

The simple answer is her achievements in the fight for gender equality are so ingrained in our society that we don’t even think of them as rights.

The right to sign a mortgage or have a bank account without a male co-signor.

The right to work when pregnant or if you have kids.

The right not to be discriminated at your job on the basis on your gender.

The right to a pension equal to your male counterparts.

And many more.

She blazed the trail for generations of women lawyers who came after her.

Her law school class? She was one of 9 women. My law school class? The first graduating class in the history of The University of Texas School of Law with women outnumbering men.

For me personally, she showed that being confident is not a male thing and the value of having a supportive spouse (thanks Chris).

Thank you, Justice Ginsburg for making this country a better place for me and my daughters.

We know your work is not done. We will do our best to continue your work and to live up to your example. 


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