I’m spending a rainy Saturday afternoon planning our family summer vacation.

Correction. The kids are going on vacation. I’m going on a trip. A journey to a place other than my house where I can still spend my days settling sister squabbles, preparing meals, and doing laundry.

Don’t get me wrong—I do enjoy trips and spending time together as a family. But, I’m a realist and don’t expect any rest and relaxation on a family trip.

We’re off to see princesses, storm troopers, and wizards, otherwise known as Disney World and Universal Studios.

Is it just me or does a Disney vacation require more planning than the allies did in storming the beaches at Normandy? The guide in the photo? 746 pages. Most of my law schools casebooks weren’t that long.

Hit me with your Disney Word/Universal Studios tips and tricks. This mama needs some guidance.

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